Nóbriga 2016

Nóbriga 2016

Vino obtenido de uvas tintas de la variedades 50% Tempranillo y 50% Syrah.

Wine obtained from red grapes of the varieties: 50% Tempranillo and 50% Syrah, whose rainfed yields were of about 6.000 to 5.000 kg / Ha respectively. Both mosts processed separately. The Syrah grapes were harvested during the second week of September and the Tempranillo grapes during the following week of the same month, both with an ideal healthiness, essential for wines that are going to stay a certain time in barrels with a longer Expect a longevity of some years. This wine has not been filtered at all, therefore it is possible to see, over the time, some kind of natural sediments at the bottom of the bottle.

Alchohol: 13.5%.


Clean and bright maroon, high intensity with violet tones on the edges.


It is very clean, thank’s to the absence of defects, clear notes of red and black fruits, very intense, where raspberry and licorice predominates, secondary touches, such as vanilla and coffee.


In the mouth we can appreciated immediately when entering the mouth, the balance of tannin-acidity, very typical of the Syrah variety that,

along with the Tempranillo variety, end up in a very round and easy wine to drink-. The aftertaste is persistent and in harmony with the nose.


This wine may be appropriate to be decantered, in any case, avoid excessive wine agitation. Nóbriga is a very pleasant wine in the mouth, and therefore matches very well combined with any food such as grilled or braised meats, vegetables and all kinds of rice, or not overly cured cheeses.

Ideal temperatura of service: 18-19ºC

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Nóbriga 2016

Wine obtained 50% from Tempranillo and 50% from Syrah varieties.

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The García de la Rosa vineyard and winery is located in Noblejas, northwest of Toledo (Spain), bordering the north with the Tagus river, and the Mancha to the south.

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