Vineyards between the Tajo and La Mancha.

Vineyars and winery Garcia de la Rosa are located in the village of Noblejas, in the North-East of Toledo, with the Tajo river in the North and La Mancha in the South. At around 750 mts above the sea level, soils are mainly clayey, poor and shallow. Climate is Continental, with very strong differences in temperature, from – 10ºC in Winter, to 45ºC in hot summers.

A special climate

The low rainflow, of about 400L per year, is one special characteristique of the climate where the vineyards are located. Besides the fact of having 3.000 hours of sun per year, allows the winemaker to elaborate wines with their own personality, with predominancy of intense and fruity aromas.

The García de la Rosa vineyard and winery is located in Noblejas, northwest of Toledo (Spain), bordering the north with the Tagus river, and the Mancha to the south.

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