Good  Viticulture work

CARLOS Gª DE LA ROSA and his family are successors of the passion and good work of Viticulture, cradle of good wines, where everything begins. Nowadays, García de la Rosa is in process of constant transformation and evolution of his winery, in order to elaborate his wines with the best grapes, using the latest technology, working hard to produce wines of the best quality.

A unique location, a special climate

The low rainflow, of about 400L per year, is one special characteristique of the the climate where the vineyards are located. Together with the fact of having 3.000 hours of sun per year, lead to produce wines with plenty and own personallity, where fruit is always found, with predominacy of intense fruity aromas.

Our wines

Nóbriga 2016

Wine obtained from red grapes of the varieties: 50% Tempranillo and 50% Syrah.

García de la Rosa 2018

Wine obtained 100% from Tempranillo red grapes variety

The García de la Rosa vineyard and winery is located in Noblejas, northwest of Toledo (Spain), bordering the north with the Tagus river, and the Mancha to the south.

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